Side Projects

Here you’ll find some of the side projects I’ve done over the years.

Cosmic Drift

Node.js, HTML5 Canvas, modular native JavaScript

A project using HTML5’s canvas, this game involves arcade-style asteroids action and features a multiplayer mode. Click below and try it out!

Multiplayer features use of websockets and a predictive function to reduce the TCP packet send frequency.

Deployed | Source

Chef Genius

Rails, Backbone.js

Modeled after the ‘Genius’ sites that were popular at the time — e.g. Rap Genius, etc — this was a project to simulate the annotation UI where users could create shared annotations on text that other users could comment on.

The Rails backend features Polymorphic Associations and Concerns (think Rails’ version of AOP), and the frontend uses an Event Aggregator pattern.

Deployed | Source


This is a project I worked on in order to gain a better understanding of Object Relational Mapping using Ruby. It’s an attempt to recreate a bare bones version of ActiveRecord’s functionality (Active Record is the ORM that Rails uses).

Features heavy use of Ruby metaprogramming, and implements object persistence, mass assignment, association methods, and common query methods.



Similar to ActiveWreckered above, this is a liteweight implementation (interpretation?) of Rails.

Features request routing to controller actions and supports query and route parameters, including nested, Rails-style params.