About Me

My Background

I come from a bit of an unorthodox background: I’m an English major with a background in education, the son of a teacher who’s dabbled in substitute teaching, being a sales rep for an education services company, and teaching LSAT prep classes. I came close to attending law school (hence the LSAT prep), but found my way into tech instead, and I’ve never looked back.

I’ve now been working for about two years professionally, and although I started doing primarily front-end work, I’ve tried to maintain a generalist focus, adding a static language (Java) to the languages I work with professionally, and learning to work with both NoSQL (Cassandra, Elasticsearch) as well as SQL (MySQL) databases.


What do I care about? When I think about my professional mentors and the people I look up to — the people I consider wizards of software engineering — the thing that stands out is the range of their skillset: knowledge of design patterns and algorithms, ability to architect complex systems and make them scalable, ability to break a problem down into it’s most basic components, and the ability to quickly grasp new technologies. I’ve always strived to take on more and more responsibilities as a means of developing these skills myself. It takes growing pains, sometimes, but software engineering is an endless reservoir of challenge and skill honing.

AdTech is fun, but ultimately my passions have always veered towards education. While the MOOC movement hasn’t quite been the unstoppable wave some experts initially predicted, I’m incredibly excited by the sheer amount of knowledge and instruction that can now be obtained by anyone with an internet connection. I also maintain a passion for the law and legal studies, and for the intersection of tech and healthcare (courtesy in a large part to my wife, who is an OT).

Everyday Life

Outside of software engineering, I enjoy spending time with my Wife, Ashley, and our two cats, Zazu and Lemon. We have the good fortune of living in the Bay Area for this portion of our lives, and we try to make the most of that opportunity. We enjoy camping (we’ve stepped up our game from car-camping to mostly backpacking), yoga, and oh boy do we love eating. We both know our way around the kitchen (which is well provisioned, thanks to copious amounts of wedding swag), and while I love making complex, time-consuming meals from recipes, my wife is a lover of simplicity and improvisation. Variety is, as they say, the spice of life.

We currently live in the Laurel District of Oakland.